consign with us

Thank you for your interest in consigning with us. Consigning is a great way to make some money on your no longer desired or unwanted items.

WE ACCEPT: furniture which can be modern, vintage or antique. Home decor such as lamps, rugs, art, vases and interesting pieces.

CONDITION: new, gently used, sturdy furniture, no missing parts, clean, free of stains/marks/pet fur/cracks/dents/dust/mold.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT: rockers, infant furniture, electricals, clothes, hardware, toys, pet supplies, bunk beds, platform beds, armoirs, large china cabinets, photo frames.

APPROVAL PROCESS: for home decor accessories and small pieces of furniture (over 15 items please call first)  which will fit in your vehicle, please drive up to one of stores bewteen 12.30pm and 4pm and we will be happy to select items which are currently selling/in demand and may change as trends and tastes come and go. For larger pieces, please either visit a store with photos or email photos to 

ACCEPTED PIECES FROM PHOTOS: not all details are visible in photos so we rely on our consignors to make sure the condition is as stated above otherwise we may have to reject them at the door. Please make sure you call your chosen store to make an appointment to drop off otherwise it may result in you waiting, make an appointment for another day or asked to contact one of our other stores to see if they are able to accept them. 

PICK-UP/DELIVERY: you will need to arrange your own delivery or pick-up. Please contact us if you need any recommended movers. We advise that you bring help if you are not using movers as we may not have anyone available to assist you and especially if the pieces are large and/or heavy. Please call ahead for pick up and make an appointment for deliveries. Southern Comforts are not liable while assisting loading or unloading.

PRICING OF YOUR ITEMS: we determine the price by researching and based on demand, brand and condition. Like you, we want to get the most we can for your treasures. A guideline is 30% to 50% of the original price but can vary. So if your are expecting more than 50% of the original price or are finding it hard to let go, we advise you not to consign those pieces until you are absolutely ready to. Once priced we will email you a list of your items with prices. We are a price and go business, so items may have sold before you receive your email. 

PRICE REDUCTIONS & COUPONS: for the first 30 days your item remains at full price. between days 31 to 60 it is reduced by 10%, days 61 to 90 reduced by 20%, days 91 to 100 reduced by 30%. To help sell your items quickly, at times we have promotions or discount coupons. This is usually 10% and no more than 25% off current selling prices.

SEASONAL CONSIGNMENT: We will advertise in our newsletter, website and other media when we are ready to accept these. Please note that seasonal items may reduce a period before the season, usually up to 50% off the current selling price and the day after the season, usually up to 75% off the current selling price. If you do not wish for your items to reduce before the season, you may retrieve them before they discount with out fee.

PAYMENT: a check will be ready for pick up on the 10th of each month for items sold the prior month provided your account credit has reached the minimum of $25. Amounts are 50% of what your items sold for after item fees have been deducted. Checks are void after 6 months.

ITEM FEE: this is also known as a buyers fee. This is paid by the purchaser. The fee is between 99c and $9.99 depending on the original price. This does not reduce when the original price reduces. Example: price tag which has $9.99 the fee is 99c and you will see on your emailed price list $9, for $39.99 the fee is $3.99 on your price list $36, $299.99 the fee is $9.99 on your price list $290.

UNSOLD ITEMS: you may pick up any items which have not sold between day 91 and day 100 fee free. Any items removed before day 91 will incur a fee of 25% of the original price. Please bring appropriate packaging and you will need to be able to identify them. From day 101, we have the right to reduce further or donate items as they are considered expired. You can follow the activity of your items by logging into your account, calling us or visit.

IMPORTANT: *we are unable to notify you if an item has sold/expired/damaged/donated, or a check is available as our system cannot be set up for notifications. *We are unable to compensate for any items lost, stolen or damaged in any way. Items are still your responsibility until sold so please make sure you have homeowners or renters insurance to cover this as accidents can happen. *We will not be able to guarantee specific placement of items.