Concierge Service

 Moving, Remodeling, or downsizing? Let us take the stress of selling you furniture lamps, accessories, and artwork off your plate! 

Here is how it works...

  • Give us a call or send an email and we will book the initial consultation with you at your home.
  • If you decide to sell with us, next is the pre-move day. On this day our team will be back at your home to tag and label all your items into our system to prepare it for delivery.
  • Then comes Moving Day! Yay! Our team will be back at your home to ensure that it is a smooth transition and that all the inventory is accounted for. (see disclaimers)
  • Finally, the hard part is over! Once your items are delivered to the store, they will be placed on the floor and sold.

A few important notes.

  • Concierge is intended for consignors looking to sell 25 or more pieces of furniture.
  • Southern Comforts sets all pricing on the items. Please communicate any expectations on pricing to us and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • The commission split is 50/50 minus a buyer’s fee that is set by the price of the item. This ranges from .99c to $9.99.
  • The consignment period is 100 days, during this period, your items will reduce by 10% every 30 days or may be reduced up to 25% for any instore specials.
  • Once your items have sold and your account reaches a balance of $25 a check will be cut. Checks are not mailed; they are available for pick up IN STORE.
  • We sell about 95% of the items that we take in on consignment, however, if your items do not sell, you are able to pick them up between the 91st and 100th day of the item being here.


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Please note, Southern Comforts is happy to help you arrange movers to bring your items to the store. However, our movers that we recommend are not Southern Comforts employees. You will be responsible for payment of the movers on the day of delivery.